About The Greenwood

সেউজৰ পদচিহ্ন গ্ৰীণউডলৈ স্বাগতম  | 

{Assameese} Senjor Podosihna Greenwood Loi Swagatam.
{English} Welcome to The Greenwood, the footprint of greenery.

The Greenwood Hotels and Resorts, a boutique hospitality brand that echoes the traits of an evergreen forest, humbly opens the gateway to the largely unexplored lands of the Seven Sisters of Northeast India, where natural wonders and vibrant traditions abound. Step in to experience the grandeur of this corner of the country in a setting that consciously blends luxury with nature.

Serenity and Calmness

 Amongst the mountains and lanes.

The Greenwood Family

We are a family that stands behind our family and the people that make up the soul of our brand. Any contribution they make takes us a step towards serving our guests better. We strive to give them a sense of belonging and motivate them persistently to keep growing with us on our journey together.

GREENWOOD Properties

Revel in the richness and elegance of The Greenwood properties across all our locations– the perfect destinations for guests to soak in world-class conscious luxury and comfort.

The Greenwood Hotel
The Greenwood Resort
The Greenwood Hotel

The Greenwood Experience


Come and live out your best moments at the various concerts and live events that regularly grace our lawns and halls. From stand-up comics to bihu to DJs and rock concerts, we host them all!

Delivering conscious luxury

Elegant and modern designed properties that await your gracious presence to whisk you away to a whole world of luxury and rejuvenation across three locations that become the perfect destinations for guests to soak in world-class luxury and comfort.


Northeast India

Come get a glimpse of a land that’s strongly entrenched in its glorious history, diverse traditions and plentiful adventures.

The Greenwood